LADIES AND GENTLEMEN-THE SOUTHSIDE SHEIKS-from Austin,Texas.We're raisin a ruckus everywhere we go:young folks and old folks,too-love the lively old-timey  and original JUGBAND BLUES,RAGS, AND HOLLERS at a Sheiks show.

This side-show mayhem started as weekly jams with James (the old Blind Dog) and Rob (mandolin man) nearly two years ago.Various Sheiks come and go in this tribe-but you can hire us as a duo,trio,quartet, or gang.

James and Rob are both fugitives from the Western plains who fled to Texas to escape the winters.We got the mysterious Washboard Troy so we'd have us a native Texan in the band-shoooot-his kin go back to Cynthia Anne Parker,mother of Comanche chief Quanna Parker.Josh Williams first played bass with James nearly 16 years ago,and reed man Tom Colwell met James 18 years ago when they were playin with Jimmie Rodgers grandson-Jimmy Dale Court.